8 juin 2011 4 commentaires

I was reviewing my site stats recently, and I noticed that some posts had been unfairly overlooked by the birds of passage. So I thought that this was a chance to promote three old posts which deserve, I think, a quick (re-)read. And as promised, you’ll know everything about invoices next Monday. By the way, those posts are French only.

-Cogito ergo(nomi) sum - published in September 2009 – because my back hurts. And because this article, from the ESIT Alumni journal, explains the best working posture.

-Transfèrement - published in April 2009 – because with « l’affaire DSK », we are probably going to hear about that.

-Objets traduisant non identifiés - published in May 2009 – because it’s fun.


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  1. Fabio

    Maybe the ‘birds of passage’ are overlooking your content because you are publishing your RSS feed in summarized form instead of full text – summarized RSS feeds are not a good practice at all if you want to increase readership. Just an idea. :-)

    1. Laurent Auteur de l’article

      Hi Fabio,
      You are probably right, I had forgot about that, since I haven’t subscribed my own RSS. Thanks for the advice, I will change it.

  2. Fabio

    Thanks, Laurent! Your RSS feed has just gained another reader!

    Your blog has long been added to my Translation Links page. I don’t have a category for French-language blogs, so I added you to the English-language blogs. No matter the language, you have great content here. Good luck!

    1. Laurent Auteur de l’article

      Thank you very much! I have also been following your blog and your tweets (Haven’t read your book yet, as I still need to learn Portuguese!)


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