You’ve got a cute quill, ya know

29 octobre 2010 1 commentaire

It seems that French translator-bloggers are quite occupied these days, we don’t give you much to read in French. Hopefully, English bloggers are more loquacious.

Anyway, have you heard of Terra Eco? It’s a French magazine and website about ecology and sustainable living. Recently, they launched the initiative « responsible readers », where everyone can act to help create a better greener world. Well, you’ll be happy to learn that Terra Eco is now looking for French volunteer translators « with a deft pen », from a variety of languages. I think it’s a great opportunity for students to get some experience.

Also, please meet my new baby: he’s name’s Robin and he already travels around the world. If you’re 6-year-old (or really tired), you can read his adventures : Robin et les Pirates. I don’t earn any royalties, but enjoy!

Une réflexion au sujet de « You’ve got a cute quill, ya know »

  1. les piles intermédiaires

    Il a l’air chouette comme tout, ce livre de pirates ! Le plus âgé de mes neveux n’a que 4 ans 1/2, mais c’est toujours bien d’avoir des réserves pour dans quelques années, non ? :-)
    Bons trépignements pour l’EPSO, ça ne devrait quand même plus tarder à tomber…


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