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24 septembre 2010 0 commentaire

After 2 long months of silence, here I am again. Blame it on the sun, the rain, the work and maybe also on my lack of inspiration, but I’m back.

In the French version of this post, as pension strikes paralyse the country, I explain how pension contributions work with the auto-entreprise status.

Also, some great reads about translation and movies (sorry, 2 out of the 3 links are French only):

  • On, you’ll learn why movie titles change in France (how Youth in Revolt became Be Bad and why Toy Story isn’t Une histoire de jeux)
  • On Slate (.com this time), a fascinating video-article on how Hollywood represents foreign languages in movies (such as Vicky Cristina Barcelona or Inglourious Basterds).
  • And if you can read French, you’ll enjoy this long story about a guy who subtitled an adult movie. It’s on StreetPress.

At last, we French speakers have now our Urban Dictionary. It’s called la Parlure, and even if it’s still a little empty (and most of all Canadian French), it’s a great initiative.