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Silence is Golden

19 octobre 2010 4 commentaires

We say silence is golden: this blog must be worth millions. Don’t worry, I’m willing to share!

So today, I wanted to talk about crappy marketing translations into French. Les Piles Intermédiaires has already written about Gap’s ad in Paris, and I noticed pretty much the same thing with Levi’s’ : the catch-phrase « It’s about shape, not size » could have been litteraly translated in French (with all implied interpretations). Instead, it became something explicitly explained such as « New Levi’s cuts fit every silhouettes ».

Other exemple: the new TV ad for Calvin Klein’s perfume Beauty with the Beauty-ful Diane Kruger:


Click on the French flag if you want to read the detailed analysis of the French subtitles. Let’s just say that the marketers took a little too much liberty with the interpretation. For those who get French, what do you think about that?


Niagara Fails

17 mai 2010 3 commentaires

In Niagara, there are not only falls, but also fails. On the very last day of my Canadian trip, in a country definitely bilingual, I finally stumbled upon a some translations (oh right, there also was this waitress in Québec who gave me a « blanche » because she had no « white » beer).