Dropbox & GDocs: conclusions

3 juillet 2011 4 commentaires

Last week, I was delighted to discover that there are – finally – tools allowing to sync between Dropbox and Google Documents.

Unfortunately, I was quickly disappointed as I lost the layout for ALL my documents…  To this day, there are quite a few apps for this. Here’s a quick review of the one I tested:

  • Syncdocs: It was probably the most promising. Actually it works, even a little too well, since it downloads everything and anything. Even DP cache, as well as hidden and deleted files, which takes storage space unecessarily. I haven’t found a satisfactory way to fix it yet. Right now, I just syncing one way (DP to GG). Not ideal, but it may get better.
  • Cloud HQ: also promising, it offers an « integration » between DP, GG and other services. The idea is nice: it creates a new Dropbox section in Google Docs left column. You can also access your files from Cloud HQ website, but it’s not very convenient. The worst is that all my Office 2010/Open Office files were renamed into « docx.doc » or « odt.doc », and were downloaded twice on my computer, taking a lot of storage space. And it’s bound to become paying service at the end of the beta test. Deactivated and deleted.
  • Syncplicity: I haven’t tested it, because of it’s 2 Gb limit for free version and it’s rather expensive price (15 $/mo). It does not to have any mac client, and seems to be more like a substitute for Dropbox.
  • Google Cloud Connect: it installs a new toolbar in Office documents and syncs it when you work on it. It doesn’t allow you to watch a particular folder, so this is not what I am looking for.
  • Jookuu (Windows only): this standalone program manages one or more Dropbox, Google and Box.net accounts. I don’t like the idea of having a full software to manage my files and I’d rather have a Dropbox-like system working in background. Still testing it.
  • Other services exist: insynch (beta sur invitation), SugarSync (payant), Cloud Hero (payant), Cloudseed (en suspens).

So as you can see, I still haven’t found what I’m looking for (high five, Bono). I am impatiently waiting for Dropbox to implement its own solution, which seems to be on its way (vote if you have an account!). Or that Google finally creates a Picasa-like syncing system…


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  1. Nobody

    « Dans les tuyaux »… en même temps, ne retenez pas votre respiration, comme disent nos amis anglophones, cette suggestion n’a que 13 000 votes. La suggestion « Watch any folder » en a dix fois plus (en autant de temps, environ 18 mois) et n’est toujours pas implémentée… La « vôtre » ne figure même pas parmi celles officiellement listées « en cours de réalisation »… ;(

    1. Laurent Auteur de l’article

      Ah mais je n’ai jamais dit que ce serait pour demain! Cela dit, il y a une bonne chance que cela soit mis en place (un jour). Et a mon sens, Dropbox garde une bonne longueur d’avance sur ses concurrents directs (même pour sa version gratuite)

  2. Gabriel Brunner

    Hi Laurent, I have dabbled in dropbox and google docs too, but to which degree is it practical for translators? When do we ever receive documents in google docs format, or documents where there is no danger that format conversion will mess up formatting? And how does it integrate with Trados Studio or Wordfast?

    1. Laurent Auteur de l’article

      Hi Gabriel,
      you’re right, we don’t really need to work directly on Gdocs; especially with all the format and layout troubles. I just would have loved to have that possibility, this would have been the perfect cloud/work combination. And I dont think it would be compatible with Trados, but I haven’t written about it since I don’t use CAT tools.


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