Meet SOFIA, my new BFF

1 novembre 2011 1 commentaire

Do you translate books? Do you also stroll in the Feng Shui or Youth departments of the local library just to feel that near-guilty satisfaction to see your name written in a public place? Well, you will be pleased to know that you are not alone and that it may also bring in some money!

Let me introduce you my dear friend Sofia. Here’s what you can on its website:

SOFIA (Societé Française des Intérêts des Authors de l’écrit) is the French society tasked with defending the interests of authors of the written word; it is a non-profit-making company for the collection and distribution of rights, administered equally by authors and publishers and exclusively concerned with the field of books.
As the only society approved by the Minister for Culture for the management of PLR arising from loans in libraries, SOFIA collects and distributes the remuneration arising from these PLR. It is also primarily responsible for the collection and distribution of that portion relating to books arising from remuneration in respect of private digital reproduction.

So what is this lending right?

Law n°2003-517 dated 18 June 2003 relating to remuneration in respect of lending from public libraries and enhanced social protection for authors, introduced an official licence for PLR payments and set up a mandatory system for collective management.[…] This law authorises the lending of books from libraries, with authors and publishers in return benefiting from a fair remuneration funded by a government contribution fixed by decree and by a levy of 6% of the pre-tax retail price of books sold to a lending library, this sum to be paid by the book seller.(Source)

Note that it also works with books translated for foreign French-speaking editors as well as for English books.

Fellow Translators, you now know what you have to do to receive money in your mailbox without even moving: Join Sofia! It will cost you once and for all €38 for your society share (or you can wait that it is deduced from your first payment).


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  1. Les piles

    … et notez que cela fonctionne aussi pour la traduction audiovisuelle, en ce qui concerne les diffusions télé/cinéma/DVD des traductions.
    Trop de traducteurs ne prennent pas la peine de s’inscrire à la Scam et à la Sacem pour déclarer leurs traductions AV. Au bout de quelques années, ça fait pourtant un complément de revenus bien appréciable. Vive le droit d’auteur à la française, en somme.


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