Plural of colors in French

11 mai 2012 2 commentaires

As the title more than suggests, this post is about… the plural of colors in French, which is one of many tricky rules of this language. And also about the sad story of a mispelled brand new football/soccer jersey.

So let me be honest: I don’t really see the point of translating it into English.

Think of me as a lazy blogger (which I am), but if you don’t speak French, you probably won’t be interested by this article. And if you do, then you can just go through the article in French. I tried to make it as clear as possible, even for non-French readers!


2 réflexions au sujet de « Plural of colors in French »

  1. PEF Web-Mister

    Clicking the link didn’t work for me, I’m afraid. It seems one must use the toolbar up top, changing the language from « English » to « Français » (French) in order to read the full article. Merci bien!

    1. Laurent Auteur de l’article

      This is weird… The link to the French article is correct, but there seems to be some kind of redirection. Can’t figure out why, but you gave the solution anyway, thanks.


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