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13 mars 2011 7 commentaires

While I’m frustratingly trying to enjoy the sun and nightlife study my Spanish in Barcelona between two projects (no one’s complaining here), I wanted to share a few more useful tools.

For the record, I already presented Xmarks (and Firefox Sync, which works with FF mobile on Android phones and tablets), Dropbox and iDispo (which doesn’t seem to passionate my readers), let me introduce you to some useful websites.

1) Others already wrote about it (in French), and that’s why I hadn’t mentionned it yet, but Linguee has became an essential tool in my work, especially as I regularly work on EU and UN texts. I only regret the lack of Italian to French search, just like Word Reference (while there’s Portuguese).

2) I found this one on About Translation blog. I am sure you already googled some phrases to see which one was more frequently used (we all did)? Well, « there’s an app for that » now. It’s called; enter the two phrases you want to compare and you’ll immediately have the number of hits for each one. Easy, fast, efficient. Plus, it works in every language.

3) Another very simple website: Corrige-moi (spellcheck me)! The name says it all: this is an online spell checker (which is far from having the efficiency of a professional software such as Antidote for French). Just choose your language and paste your text in the box. The big pro is that you can choose 15 national languages, 3 regional (Afrikaans, Breton and Catalan) as well as Esperanto!

7 réflexions au sujet de « Tools Galore »

  1. Laure

    Et hop, un favori sur… merci Laurent ! Avec l’affichage du contexte, je pense que je m’en servirai régulièrement. (Et si si, dropbox et iDispo sont aussi intéressants !)

  2. Charlotte Monnier

    Je me sers régulièrement de Linguee et je confirme qu’il est très utile, puisqu’il puise certaines de ses traductions sur les sites de l’ONU et de l’UE. On est donc rassuré sur la qualité.

  3. shadab

    I have been reading more about Dropbox, which i really like when it is require to work on two computer simultaneously. I am going to install it shortly. Unfortunately i have just gone through both Corrige-moi (spellcheck me) and Linguee but when i try to change language into English, It does not do the same. Is there any problem there.

    1. Laurent Auteur de l’article

      I never had that kind of problem… Try maybe to clean your cache or delete your cookies, it might work after that.

  4. Mathieu

    Salut Laurent ! Un autre outil de synchro pas mal, que je viens de mettre en place chez moi : SugarSync ( Pas exempt de tout reproche mais néanmoins très bien foutu, et très fonctionnel (on en attendrait pas moins d’un outil :) ).
    A bientôt !

  5. Mandlanne

    Votre description de me rappelle Google fight…

    Au fait, l’afrikaans n’est pas une langue locale mais nationale. N’oublions pas que lAfrique du sud en compte 11.

    Merci pour ces petits plus.


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