The Translator and his Cats

8 juillet 2011 6 commentaires

For its 99th post, NJATB has a special gift for you, courtesy of Maya, a talented cartoonist and translator. And as good things come in threes, you will find the Spanish version on her excellent blog Eldorado en Paris and the French version on her other website Eldorado à Paris (as well as on NJATB).



Merci Maya !

6 réflexions au sujet de « The Translator and his Cats »

  1. Curri Barceló

    Brilliant!! I don’t have any cats right now, but I had a cat whiel I was in secondary school and she loved jumping on the desk and asking me to pet her instead of studying :)

  2. Maya

    Avec plaisir! Tiens j’avais laissé un comm avant, je crois que ça n’avait pas marché! en tous cas c’était sympa mais je me rends compte maintenant qu’il manque les noms des chats sur la VF :)

  3. Annemieke

    So true… in my case two small children instead of cats – I regularly find scribbles on invoices, software dongles that have been posted into the DVD player and wet wipes where the phone should be. Working from a cafe is a nice change every now and again!


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